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iKingKirk is co-founder and Creative Director of Above Brand. His company is a photography & design agency that focuses on brand development. It's aim is to help entrepreneurs, professionals and small business startups grab hold to their very own piece of market share and be viewed on a global scale as the go to experts in their respective industries. We focus on "Next Design" branding which is often a modern, minimalist style of design. Something that grabs the eye and draws you into the content. Which is why we at Above Brand trademarked the phrase What's Your Next Design?™

A Community of Creatives

As cliche as it sounds, "The Next Big Thing" for Above Brand is to develop an online & local community of creatives. Photographers, Graphic Designers, Illustrators & Writers all working together to help local businesses & professionals to create things. We're based out of Saint Petersburg, FL in the middle of the urban arts district and service the entire Tampa metro area.

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We'll soon be able to meet together weekly and promote creativity summits for underprivileged youth in the community. Thus bringing back a love for the arts. Everyone who is interested in becoming a contributor to the Above Brand creative movement in Saint Petersburg, FL please send your enquiries to info@abovebrand.com