Elyse D

Elyse D, It's Just Everything!

Elyse D. web screenshot

Actress, Model, Speaker Entrepreneur, Elyse DeLoach aka Elyse D is a power house of a woman wrapped in a small package. One of my most favorite individuals in the world who just lights up a room with her presence. Elyse D never meets a stranger and her personality is so dynamic she can make you feel like family from the moment she speaks to you.

I've had the privilege of working with Elyse D on numerous photo shoots, video commercial segments and my company played a key role in designing her new fully branded experience from concept. Everyone is drawn to the many things she does however I'm most drawn to her Spirit. Working together on projects this past year it seems like we've known each other for a lifetime.

As CEO of Above Brand I've partnered with Elyse D and she's become our Executive Brand Ambassador developing and training our marketing & sales team and also offering our services to her executive clientele. She's recently launched a new brand called "She's My Coach" a company that becomes your personal business consultant who helps organize your professional image and business. She's My Coach gives marketing options, image brand consultation and a plan of execution for financial success in your upcoming fiscal year.

You can find her on Instagram & Facebook @elys3d and see more of her work at www.elysed.com