Everything is About to Change!

This phrase marks the beginning of something new in my life. I've always been that guy behind the scenes helping others with their ideas, dreams, visions and goals but now I'm stepping out doing what I love to do which is Arts & Entertainment.

I love to laugh and enjoy making other people laugh. I also love everything artsy, whether it's taking photos or sketching and I absolutely love computers and techie stuff so why not just put it all together right? I'm a very visual person and I've always looked at things differently than others but found that early in my life quite often I allowed others to tell me how I should be looking at things. I hated it, but couldn't stop letting that happen by fear of what others might think of me. Until I got to a point to where I didn't care what people thought of me and I just did me and when that side of me came out people either love it or hate it. 

I'm a bit of an extrovert but a private individual all at the same time. Does that make sense? I'm very giving but selfish sometimes. I attribute that to the fact that I have older siblings but was raised as an only child. I love being around so many different types of people in large or small quantities, but can also enjoy just being by myself.

The phrase "Everything is about to Change" came from a sermon that I heard my Pastor preach that spoke to 'a shift in the times' if you will and in this season. It struck me so loud and clear by which I understood that God was telling me that it's time to do what I've called you to do. Well what is that? I still don't know the fullness of what that really means, but I've caught a small glimpse of it and I'm moving by Faith. Which is what I've been doing all along but never had the courage to just put it out there. Until Now.

So where am I going with this?

I know that I love to watch movies and see actors take on different roles. I watch action packed movies, comedies and sometimes I even watch the lovie-dovie stuff but not a whole lot. LOL

However, I do find myself often watching for the stories and how it unfolds but other times I find myself watching to see how things are made and "Wow, how did they make that happen?" or "Yo that cinematography was dope!" so that's why I got into the creative arts to start creating things, taking pictures and shooting video. But I never really got in front of the camera. So now I'm here and exploring a new world of coming up with content for others to enjoy. iKingKirk is that vehicle, get ready to hop in and ride cause I'm about to drive off into a whole new world of creativity. Hang on!