The Fun Fellowship

Sunday evening me, my wife Latoya and my sister Llora had the most wonderful time with a friend and her three daughters. We grilled chicken legs and shrimp kabobs by the pool. Me and my wife talked and laughed until evening time. Then when our guests arrived we journeyed inside for a hearty healthy meal adding a sumptuous salad prepared by Llora and begin to share the love of Christ with one another. We discussed a bit about the word of God and then talked about where we came from "our testimony" and where we were headed in our careers, also in business and in Ministry. 

Shalonda, our guest, mentioned to us how great it was to spend time with people of like precious Faith. She shared also how much of a blessing we had been to her and her children by opening our home and just having fun times with them. 


Often times we ask for her children to come join us along with another two girls close to our family to do crafts and play games. They all love to do hair and makeup with Latoya & Llora and afterwards we take photos of them in our home studio, which we call the Creative Room. They just love it and plus two single moms get some adult time to themselves. We don't have ourselves children yet, but it gives us time to practice and it's a joy because we love them.

You see Latoya is a career woman, but a singer and songwriter by profession and Llora is a career woman too, but also a cosmetologist and as you may well know I'm a creative entrepreneur and photographer. Although it's not always about business for us. At times we're led to spend our time and sow a few resources to bless our fellow believer. Not that she needed it, because I believe she's well able to pay for it ten times over, but just as we were led to do this very thing, her prayer is that she may have more friends to help her along the way in Spiritual growth.


In business or your personal lives, I encourage you to take time to share the Word of God to as many people who will listen. It'll also be refreshing to you as it is refreshing to them when you take some time, slow down the hectic paced work week and spend time with friends or family to just relax. Have fun away from the TV, put down the cell phones and enjoy!

God is Love.